Question: Where are you?

This is probably the most asked question next to do we sell guitars. We are located on the corner of Auahi and Kamani streets one block west of Ward Ave. For detailed directions, please click here.

Question: Do we carry guitars?

No we don't. MCH only carries band and orchestral bowed instruments. However, we can recommend Island Guitars which is across the street at Ward Warehouse or Easy Music Center who's closest location is at 1314 S. King St.

Question: Do we carry piano music?

No we don't. MCH only stocks music for the instruments we sell which would be band and orchestral bowed instruments. We recommend Sanders Piano who plays host to Vivo Music. They are located at 1500 S. King St.

Question: Do we have a location closer to west O'ahu?

Unfortunately we don't. There are no current plans to expand.

Question: Do we do repairs?

Yes, we are a full-line retail and repair shop. Our band technicians service most brass and woodwind instruments and are authorized to repair all of the instruments that we sell. Oboe repairs are done by former band director, oboe teacher and player, Roy Yanagida and are done per service. Our string technician has years of experience and has trained with some of the best restorers and makers in the world.

Question: Do you have to make an appointment for repairs?

Appointments aren't necessary, however, for double bass repairs, we would appreciate a call ahead to prepare us as our repair space isn't exceptionally large. As you may already know, double basses would require much more room to repair especially if it needs to be laid on it's back.

Question: Do you ship?

Yes, we will ship to the neighbor islands and within O'ahu as well. We understand that it can be tough to come in to town at times and shipping may be cheaper than driving in from Kapolei or Kane'ohe especially if all you need are a few reeds. Just call in your order and we will send out your item.

Question: Do we do private lessons?

We do not have private lessons available through our shop. We can however recommend a private teacher from our approved list.

Question: Do we allow instruments out on a trial basis?

We do not allow instruments or mouthpieces out of the store for trials at home. You may spend as much time as you need here at the store to play test mouthpieces, instruments or even ligatures, but in order to take an item out, it must be purchased. It is not uncommon for a private instructor to accompany a student to our store and try out instruments out together.

Question: Can you assist me in finding the right instrument, mouthpiece, etc. for me?

Yes we can. Our staff are very capable of assisting you in finding the right instrument or mouthpiece for you. If you are planning on dropping by, call ahead to see which of our employees can assist you as each has their own special field.