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Student Models

It is very important when a student first begins playing the violin or any string instrument that they have a well adjusted, quality instrument in their hands. Whether a student is starting off on a fractional size instrument such as a 3/4 or 1/16 size violin, the response and tone quality of the instrument should be of a high standard in order to give the student the best chance for success. All the instruments that we sell are of good quality and are set-up by our expert technician who has been trained in the U.S. and  Europe to do professional set-ups.  This is a very unique aspect of our business, insofar as we apply professional set-up standards to student instruments. Please check out our pricing below.

All outfits include the instrument, case, bow and a rosin.



Outfit Price


Bottega Bella



Bottega Bella Deluxe



Andrei Patras (Romania)


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Step-Up/Intermediate Models

We stock step-up/intermediate models for both fractional and full size instruments. We have a wide variety of instruments in this price category, primarily instruments from France, Germany, Japan, and China.  Generally speaking, these instruments are either handmade or hand-graduated, thereby possessing an enhanced responsiveness, balance and tone quality.

We are very fortunate to be supplied superb step-up instruments from the workshops of award-winning Chinese makers.  We have been traveling to China for many years and have established relationships with the best makers.  These makers have won numerous gold and silver medals in U.S. and international violin making and bow making competitions.  Their workshops make instruments at different levels.  Although all of the instruments and bows are handmade, wood selection and the skill level of the worker determines the quality level of the product.   

If you are unfamiliar with our Trade-Up policy, please click here. Because our stock is quite varied and always changing at this level it is impractical to show prices.  We encourage you to come to your shop to inspect our collection.

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Advanced and Professional Models

Our advanced and professional model instruments are handmade by master makers.  We have two categories of such instruments, Modern and Old European.  Our Modern instruments feature the best quality wood and master level craftsmanship.  We personally know the master makers and have visited their workshops.  Our Old European instruments were handmade in European workshops; we acquired them at auctions and are not otherwise familiar with the makers or workshops.      

For the professional and highly advanced students, we feature the work of Marco Imer Piccinotti (you can find more information on Piccinotti by clicking his link in the sidebar).  We consider master Piccinotti to be one of the finest contemporary violin makers.  He has won numerous awards and teaches at two of Italy’s finest violinmaking schools.  One of our customers used his master model violin to win a very prestigious national competition, and for a successful audition to gain entry into one of our country’s most elite music institute.  A professional customer plays his Piccinotti bottega (workshop) violin in our local symphony orchestra.

Bottega Nuova Line

For the professional and highly advanced students, we feature the work of gold-medal-winning Chinese workshops, under our house labels.  We have visited the workshops, inspected the facilities and wood supplies, and observed the masters’ interactions with their employees.  The masters were kind enough to show us every step of their instrument and bow making processes, confirming the award-winning quality of their work.  It was particularly noteworthy that their best wood was stored in temperature and humidity controlled rooms.   



Violin Only Price


Bottega Nuova V (Stradivari Copy)



Bottega IV (Guarneri Copy)



Bottega Nuova III (Guarneri Copy)



Bottega Nuova II (Guarneri Copy)



Bottega Nuova I (Guarneri Copy)


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Professional Antique and Contemporary Instruments

Our top-level bowed instruments include vintage and modern European instruments.  We feature contemporary instruments from Marco Imer Piccinotti who's instruments you can find by clicking his link in the sidebar.  Our vintage instruments and bows are primarily from France, acquired during our numerous trips to Paris and auctions in other parts of France.  We have good contacts with important French authorities, expert in French instruments and bows.

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MCH stocks a number of strings from a variety of string manufacturers from around the world. However, of those manufacturers, we don't stock each of their string models. Please click here for a list of the strings that we stock along with some brief descriptions.

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Recommended Accessories

Shoulder Rests: Everest, Kun, Muco in (1/16-1/4, 1/2-3/4 or 4/4)

Mutes: Performance (1 string fiddle copy, 2 string round)

Rosin We Carry: RDM mini, RDM woodblock, AB, Bernadel, Hill dark or light, Jade, Larsen, Millant dark or light, Pirastro Oliv or Goldflex and Salchow

Music Stand: Hamilton KB400B, K&M Color Stands, Jupiter Folding Stand, Manhasset

Tuner: Korg CA1 or Korg TM50 (tuner/metronome), Boss TU-12BW, Korg CM100 Clip-On Contact Mic

Metronome: Korg MA1, Korg TM50 (tuner/metronome), Seiko SQ50V, Seiko DM50 Clip-on, Korg KDM2

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